Who's Your Daddy?

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A Parody Tract By:

Have you ever read those little Christian "tracts" by Jack Chick?  

A tract is a little booklet that you may find in a phone booth
or rest room that talks about why you should be born again.

These tracts are endless sources of entertainment.

What follows is a parody I wrote of a tract called "Big Daddy?"

"Big Daddy?" is an anti-evolution tract.  It's pro-Creationism.
Unfortunately this tract has lots of lies.  "Who's Your Daddy?" is basically
a rebuttal to those falsehoods in "Big Daddy?"

You may want to read the ORIGINAL tract first.  You can find it here:

Original Tract: "Big Daddy?"

When you're done with "Big Daddy?", you can begin reading the parody here:

Parody Tract: "Who's Your Daddy?"


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